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What are Affirmations: A guide to practice Affirmation

Did you know that your mind affects your actions far more than any other physical part of your body? It has the power to help you realise your dreams if you just let yourself do it. Often, you can feel like there is an overwhelming negative force trying to prevent you from achieving your goals. And let’s face it, no one wants negativity dominating their life. So the key to combating negativity is using meaningful affirmations. What exactly are they? You might have heard of affirmations and that they can be really effective, but do you know why? An affirmation is a concise, powerful statement. Affirmations allow you to consciously be in control of your thoughts. An affirmation is carefully created to have the most result. When you speak about them or think about them, they become the reflections that shape your reality. Research has proven that around 80% of the 50,000 subconscious thoughts you have in a day are negative ones. That is a lot of negativity! Affirmations make you conscious