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Positive Actions: Covert your negative thoughts into positive perspectives

We've all had moments of negative thoughts where we self-doubt ourselves and do something that might be unfamiliar or unclear. It can be very annoying and depressing, but the most pleasing thing is this can be overcome by performing positive actions like self-affirmations. Here are six actions that can help you overcome your negative thoughts : 1. Change your negative self-talk into something positive. One of the best ways to increase self-esteem is by starting the day with positive affirmations. Simple "I am" statements can have so much power. Think about what is decreasing your self-esteem, and create powerful affirmations to counter it. Repeat your self-affirmations throughout the day, and you will eliminate self-limiting dialogue.  With your choice's recordings and relaxing music, you can use the I AM Positive Affirmations app to create a personal meditation that inspires you. Try out the free version of this helpful tool and embrace your inner strength. 2. Try